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Very excited to announce that I joined the fine group of music educators and entrepreneurs who will bring you "LEARN JAZZ LIVE 2021 VIRTUAL SUMMIT." 

What is Learn Jazz Live? 


Learn Jazz Live is a 2-day virtual event that brings together world-class jazz educators to deliver the best jazz education you can get your hands on. You'll get access to top-notch jazz workshops on topics such as jazz improv, jazz theory, harmony, learning jazz standards, practicing, and mindset. You'll leave feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take your jazz playing to the next level!


Learn Jazz Live will be on February 27 and 28. Stay tuned for more info, or visit Learn Jazz Live 2021 

Another great news,  In the upcoming weeks I'll be releasing my first instructional book. This is a dream come true for me. I can't release much information at the moment, but I'll tell you is great source of rhythmic ideas, and exercises to improve your rhythmic game, and it is not only for drummer but for any instrumentalist.  


So please stay tuned, more info coming very soon.  



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